Happy Trails

So it finally happened after what has felt like forever…the state parks (trails and shores) have finally been reopened.

Not being able to get out to skate, and hitting the trails and shores has been the worse part of all of this…for us anyhow.

D got to get some skating in on Saturday…


Then Sunday was time for nature.

It was a beautiful weekend so we figured places were going to be busy, so we got to Tolmie when it opened and thankfully it was quite empty.

The water was so still in the cove…the reflections of the trees were beautiful.

As you moved further down the shore you could see the Olympics in the distance as well.


You could tell that it had been closed to the public for a while….the wild flowers and growth were abundant.


Sadly our time there was cut short due to clueless people…lets just say blaring your shitty music (or any music really) at 9am at a nature area is NOT cool!

It just killed the whole mood, so we headed out to another location for the day.

After taking the back roads we ended up at Burfoot (another local fave)


Luckily it wasn’t busy and the trails as well as shore were nice and mellow (no loud music)


We made a slug friend…


Again TONS of wildflowers!

And even the berries are starting….I cant wait for berry season!


We spent quite a while along the shore. The water was so warm…I was LOVING it!

Even found a little “surf shack”


Then we got hungry for lunch and decided to head on back.

Overall a great first day back in nature, it felt great to get some normalcy back.

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