Chocolate Chip Cookies

After living in "high altitude" for 4 years and having nothing turn out quite right. I am happy to once again be closer to sea level and having my recipes turn out great once again. That being the case we now almost always have a full cookie that a good or bad thing? You... Continue Reading →

Lazy Days

Not that we live a fast paced life...actually far from. However somedays just need to be for nothing but relaxing. Friday we had gone to Seattle to see¬†Grateful Shred¬†, they are a Dead cover band and are great. If your into that and they are playing near you check them out! You wont be disappointed.... Continue Reading →

Napping Kitties

Both O & S have been loving the new house. So much more open space to play in, a glass door, and the stairs...don't forget the stairs. With all this "new" they are constantly running about and getting into kittie shenanigans...which leads to BIG naps. Not cat naps, but full on snoring, tongues flapping out... Continue Reading →

Where did Winter go?

  Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, and I didn't realize my last post was on Autumn Equinox...see a pattern here? Anyhow winter literally just zipped past for us. After the holidays it was all about moving mode. It has been a month now at our new place and we couldn't be happier. We have wanted... Continue Reading →

Happy Bedding

I can never seem to ever find any bedding that I am a fan of. So seeing that I have all my dyes for tie dye I decided to do some bedding for us. I am pretty happy with how it had turned out, and the kitties seem to approve as well.

For the Bees

I like to keep our yard free of chemicals and accommodating to the wildlife. Be that birds, bees, grasshoppers, mantises, or by beloved squirrels. This I am sure drives the neighbor crazy...He is "King Roundup" and the "weeds" that he despises, we actually enjoy. Anyhow this year we have quite a crop of makes... Continue Reading →

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