Kiln Time

This is the last batch out of the kiln. There are def areas that need work. But like anything there is alot of trial and error. Overall I am rather happy with the outcome...Especially the leaf bowl, I see more of those in my future.

Ice Dying

I really enjoy making stuff and sharing the wealth when I can. The other day I had a friend over to walk her though tie dying...more accurately ice dying. We had a lot of fun and I think she walked away with a solid understanding of how it is done. At least I hope that... Continue Reading →

Happy Bedding

I can never seem to ever find any bedding that I am a fan of. So seeing that I have all my dyes for tie dye I decided to do some bedding for us. I am pretty happy with how it had turned out, and the kitties seem to approve as well.

Adventures in Pottery

Well I would hardly call myself a mug maker, however I have made a mug. It was my first time working with pour molds and I have to say I am still intrigued with all the possibilities. While making a mug for D I was inspired by¬†Scumugs¬† . It has a lot of room for... Continue Reading →

RIP Totoro Weath

A bit ago I had got together to make a nature wreath over tea with a friend. I was pretty pleased how we only used all found materials, and that it morphed into a Tortoro theme. Sadly it with the dry weather it had started to fall apart, then one night with a crash jumped... Continue Reading →

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