This & That

The past few weeks we have just been hanging life. Going here and there but not necessarily taking photos and it hasn't been anything that needs a dedicated blog post. So now I bring you all my randomness (you can also keep up to date on said "randomness" via my Instagram if you wish) First up... Continue Reading →

Harstine Island

Yesterday we had nothing pending so we took a longer drive out to explore. So off we headed to Harstine Island... BUT FIRST Frye Cove, because I am a dork and got the wrong map going. The drive there was nice...a lot of farms that way. It was a nice little park and trail with... Continue Reading →

Weekend Recap

This weekend I went out skating with D to break in my new skates... I just love them and are so happy to finally have a pair that don't hurt me feet. 99% of the time I am shoeless so being in skates HAS to be comfy! As a kid I lived in skates, then... Continue Reading →

Port Townsend

This weekend we headed on out to Port Townsend. We were planning on doing the whole Olympic loop, but seeing how we make ALOT of stops while out exploring, we figured best to break it up. I have to say that the Olympic Peninsula has to be my most favorite places to be...SOOOOO happy to... Continue Reading →

Westport Washington

Last weekend we finally were able to have a day that we could just get out and explore. We knew we wanted some fish and chips so Westport was our destination. On our way there we went through Aberdeen, and well lets just say we had to make a stop to pay a little tribute... Continue Reading →

Welcome Autumn

Yesterday we headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The plan was to walk around the lake...maybe see a beaver working on a lodge. But instead it was full of construction, school busses, oh and TONS of cars too. I mean it was a Wednesday morning...I am beginning to think that nobody works in this state. Being... Continue Reading →

Autumn Aloft

A few weekends back Park City held their annual "Autumn Aloft" We had skipped last year, but figured we would go this year.  Saturday was too smoky because of the wildfires near and was too windy for the balloons anyhow. We figured Sunday would be a better bet anyhow (less people). The skies were clear,... Continue Reading →

PAX West

Last week were were in Seattle for the PAX West convention. PAX is a gaming convention and being that it was being held in one of our favorite cities, it is a no brainer. This was both D&V's first flight on a plane...and I haven't flown in almost 20 years. Needless to say we were... Continue Reading →

Roundhouse Roundup

A few weekends back we headed on up to Evanston Wy for their annual Roundhouse Roundup. We have been going since we moved to the area and have always made a fun day of it. This year was bittersweet...this would be our last year going since we will be out of the area come next... Continue Reading →

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